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Home restumping services from Melbourne’s preferred company

There are many signs that may indicate the need for house restumping, so if you spot any of these or have concerns about your property, then contact us at Australian Reblocking.

Our expert team can quickly assess the stability of your home and provide a free quote for any work required. We’ll then professionally restump your house to ensure a firm foundation that will last for years to come.

Signs that your house needs restumping:

  • Unusual movement while walking on floors/uneven flooring
  • Doors/windows not closing properly
  • Loose ant capping that moves freely between the stump and floor frame
  • Gaps appearing between the top of stumps and bearers
  • Concrete stumps showing signs of cracks and large gaps, or pieces of stump falling out, creating holes where the steel reinforcement rods can be seen
  • Stumps not touching the underframe of the house
  • Stumps that move or wobble when touched
  • Wooden stumps that are split, rotten or cracking
  • The appearance of small white ants/termites near or on the stumps
  • If a wooden stump has sawdust trails leading up the stump to the ground
  • Rust/holes in steel stumps
  • Peaks and valleys on your floor surface
  • Diagonal wall cracks or internal paint tearing or blistering

These are the general signs to look for if you think your property may need restumping. Our team can carry out a free onsite inspection to determine the extent of any repair work required, providing free quotes for your convenience.

We’ll then take the necessary steps to secure the foundation of your home, which usually involves replacing rotten or damaged stumps with more reliable concrete or steel ones, and levelling the foundation. This can also involve creating a deeper foundation than before, to support any renovation work to the property.

Call us today on 0411 112 497 for more information about our home restumping services in Melbourne or for a free quote!

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