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House Restumping Melbourne

House restumping services from Melbourne’s experts

Are there visible cracks in your home’s walls or brickwork? With time, your home’s foundation may slowly begin to deteriorate. From flooring issues to rotting and moisture in or around the foundation, there could be many reasons why you should go for house restumping.

For professional house restumping services in Melbourne and the surrounding areas, contact Australian Reblocking for expert and affordable help. Working quickly for our customer’s convenience, our expert team can provide restumping for all types of properties – large or small – and will always tidy up afterwards for your convenience. So, if you need restumping in Melbourne, we can help.

It’s recommended that restumping is carried out before you begin any renovation work. Our team can inspect your property to establish the level of work required and offer the most effective solution for house restumping in Melbourne. Restumping will mean replacing old or damaged stumps with your choice of either concrete or steel stumps, to better protect and stabilise the foundations of your home. It will also save you money in the long run by preventing future problems.

Restumping offers a great way to increase the value and longevity of your home. With our wide experience in the field, we can offer the best restumping service across Melbourne. We can also cater to your needs for restumping in the South-Eastern suburbs. Feel free to reach out to us to know more about how restumping can be the perfect solution for you.

Quality restumping from an expert team

As a well-known name in the eastern and south-eastern suburbs of Victoria, Australian Reblocking is committed to providing customers throughout Melbourne with the very best house restumping and underpinning services.

Based in Ringwood and Malvern, we’ll arrange all the necessary permits and our workmanship is fully guaranteed for your peace of mind when it comes to restumping. We also use only the very best quality materials and equipment for all our work – both industrial and residential – so you can always be assured of quality results.

As well as being members of the Victorian Restumpers and Underpinners Association, we’re also registered builders, so you can expect professional service every time.

Call us today on 0411 112 497 for more information about our house restumping services in Melbourne or for a free quote!

Frequently Asked Questions

House restumping involves replacing old or deteriorated stumps that support a house’s foundation with new ones. This process is crucial for maintaining the structural integrity of a home, ensuring it remains level and stable. Over time, the original stumps, often made of timber, concrete, or steel, can suffer from wear due to soil conditions, moisture, or pest infestation, necessitating restumping to prevent potential damage to the property. 

Indicators that suggest the need for restumping a house include visible signs of wear or damage on the existing stumps, uneven or sloping floors within the home, cracks in walls or around windows and doors, and doors or windows that no longer close properly. These symptoms indicate that the foundation may be shifting due to stump deterioration, highlighting the necessity for restumping Melbourne services to restore safety and stability to the structure. 

Post-restumping procedures may involve re-leveling: 

  • Re-leveling the house. 
  • Repairing any damage caused by foundation shifts, such as cracks in the walls or misaligned doors and windows. 
  • Possibly updating the underfloor insulation and waterproofing. 

The implications of restumping include improved structural integrity, enhanced safety, and potentially increased property value. It’s a proactive measure that addresses foundational issues, ensuring the long-term durability of the house. 

The typical duration for restumping a house can vary depending on the size of the property and the extent of work required, but it generally takes from a few days up to two weeks. This timeframe includes the initial assessment, removal of old stumps, installation of new stumps, and any necessary adjustments to ensure the house is level. Restumping Melbourne professionals aim to minimise disruption, efficiently restoring the foundation’s stability. 

The significance of restumping lies in its ability to address and rectify foundational issues that can affect the safety, appearance, and value of a home. By replacing old, worn-out stumps, restumping ensures that the structure is adequately supported, preventing further damage and maintaining the level of the floor. It’s a vital investment in the longevity and safety of a property, particularly in areas prone to soil movement or moisture issues. 


The process for removing the old stumps during house restumping involves carefully lifting the house to a safe level and then excavating around the existing stumps to detach them from the foundation. These stumps are then removed, and the holes are prepared for new stumps, which are placed at strategic points to ensure optimal support and stability. Throughout this process, Restumping Melbourne professionals ensure that the structure is securely supported to prevent any damage or shifting. 

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